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How are we all doing today? Yea, okay, anyway, how're we working this?

btw, props to mimi and yy for the bRILLIant idea ;D

adios muchachas~
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i'm doing ok. i just finished my art history paper about an hour ago, and now i'm in art history. whee. i feel so free.

we're working this... really... cool-ly.... yea.

well but. it's gonna take me some time to do the requests from the meme. and then i wanna do some of the other people's. but i think the other people's i'll post here. and then we'll all be funky and like "YO GO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE FIRST PERSON YOU SEE AFTER YOU WALK IN ANY DIRECTION FOR 6 MINUTES!" ... or something. yeah. k.

the brilliance was mostly mimi's. =)
Aw thank you thank you, it was my pleasure.

We need a super cool layout and icons, cause otherwise it's really lame-o for an arty community.

YY you're crazy. You like taking pictures of "first person you see after you _________"s dontcha?

This is gonna take a while to do my requests. Too many "stalk this specific person" requests.

I guess each of us could make 1 request per week. And we'll all do the same 4 requests and see how cool they turn out in comparison. Yay! That was YY's idea.

Deleted comment

even though i posted i felt the need to comment too..

i dont really have much to say either

im cool with mimis idea on how to do this..

and itll also take me time. a week a meme sounds good. i guess.

hmm i need two more lines after this

i elect either yy mimi or janet to make a super cool design for this, cause well, youre all good, and im ...not. haha lol um yea.

ah seventh line. im done. peace out.